September 2011

September 30, 2011 - So I'm standing at the bus stop with a little time on my hands, getting worked up about how I'm being charged an extra $40 a month for smoking cigars. It's a "tobacco surcharge" my company has implemented in their health insurance plan for employees who have touched any tobacco within the past 6 months.


And my thoughts turn from that to fascist governments, because that's what the tobacco surcharge is all about. First they decide tobacco is wrong, then they'll go after fat people and unhealthy food, and then abuse of alcolhol or having sex while driving in the fast lane (ride sharing at it's best!), and before you know it you're getting a citation for spitting on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

But I'm only mouthing the word fascism, because I really don't know what fascism means other than being some form of government that's authoritarian and bad for people.

So I pull out my trusty smartphone and do a quick internet search for the definition of fascism... and BAM! There you have it - while riding the bus on my way to work, I'm studied up on what fascism is (authoritarian POLITICS) vs. communism (authoritarian ECONOMICS).

Technology can be very convenient.



September 25, 2011 - Well quite a bit of time has passed since my last update in January of this year. I ran into some challenges keeping this site current - not so much finding new content as much as finding a way to archive older pages. Without going into too much detail the Archives section (on the right) needs to reflect the latest changes throughout the site, and in the HTML world, that's a lot of changes. Again, I'm sure there are easier ways to handle this but I've taken the web design philosophy of keeping simple HTML code... which means manually updating about 25 pages. I’ll figure out an easier way eventually.

Anyway, things have been busy since January. My Windchill project at work was both implemented and made obsolete in a matter of months. I understand the business decision that brought this about even though it wiped out everything that was put together over the past year. Oh well - some things are beyond my control and I can't be worrying about that. And I learned a great deal about managing a large project as well as server admin skills. So for now I'm trying to stay positive and working on keeping my skills current. We live in a "global" business climate and if you cannot compete with cheap labor from India then you will soon find yourself unemployed.

So there are a few things I wanted to add to this site… watched a good movie the other night (Hanna). Smoked some great cigars, and was surprised to discover how much I really enjoy the Allman Brothers band. I stopped going to the gym in favor of working out at home with P90X. Vacationed outside the US for the first time with a trip to Cancun in July, and my oldest daughter got married in August. Things are busy, which is good, but I wanted to add details about everything on this site so that's my short term goal.

Hope everyone out there is doing as well as me.