March 30, 2012 - Topics for this evening are varied... cigars, cocktails, politics, math, and yoga. Don't say I didn't warn you.

First we'll start with the smokes. The first one is a Gurkha G5 Avenger. Nice looking with a dark leaf wrapper. I originally liked it because it was box pressed but after smoking a few I'm not very impressed. Burns okay but doesn't really taste that good. I'll finish smoking the few I have left but won't order anymore. The second cigar (it was a 2 cigar night) is a Padilla Artemis and the difference between it and the first one is noticeable. Much more smooth and just tastes better... also box pressed with a lighter wrapper. Gonna smoke this one down to my finger tips and will definietly order more of these.

The cocktail hasn't a name but consists of vodka on ice with a splash of orange liqueur. I originally came across this on a cruise 10 years ago and it was called an Absolute Grand martini, but only because it was made with Absolut vodka and Grand Marnier. We've graduated to Kettle One vodka and budgeted for a less expensive orange liqueur so it's not a real Absolut Grand anymore. But I enjoy it just the same.

Rounding off the ambience is the sound of the Allman Brothers Band running on Winamp. I don't know what happened to change things but I recently LOVE their music. Matter of fact, I decided the only time I'll listen to them is when I'm relaxing at home... sort of a way of preserving my enjoyment of the music. Some of my favs are Whipping Post, Stormy Monday, Done Somebody Wrong, You Don't Love Me... I just really like their brand of blues and southern rock. Very melodic with a distinctive sound (still haven't figured a way to sufficiently describe the music I like other than to say I like it... oh well.) One more thing - it's raining tonight so occasionally the sound of it hitting the roof comes thru and lends a comforting backgound noise. I like it.

After doing the usual internet browsing of my favorite sites (Instapundit, Drudge Report, and FoxNews - little conservative, no?) I switched over to a program on my Android phone called Math Workout. This is a sweet SWEET little app that tests your math skills. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide in timed sessions. Nothing big for math majors but it challenges me in a way that's fun and (I hope) keeps my mind sharp. And just to take a swipe at the almighty world of Steve Jobs and company, there's no equivalent on the iPhone. Diane really like it and wanted it on her iPhone but after searching I couldn't find it or anything similar. Too bad, it's really good.

Royal Dancer yoga poseBetween the web browsing and Math Workout my butt was a little sore from sitting, so I decided to do a little stretching. Next thing I know I'm doing yoga stretches while smoking a cigar - and chuckling at the irony. The biggest challenge was blowing smoke sideways while doing Royal Dancer and not laughing too hard... sweet. Somewhere out the a meditating yogi is losing his focus...

My last note returns to the topic of politics. Obamacare is in the news these days and it's constitutionaltiy is being reviewed by the Supreme Court. Both liberal and conservative commentaries are noting the Solicitor General's arguments have been extremely weak and, especially among liberals, the thought that it may be struck down is dawning. Now I don't pretend to know constitutional law or the intricate details of legal concepts, but something is beginning to gel for me. Its the idea that liberals and conservative approach truth from very different angles.

Conservatives tend to submit to the truth. It's something that, once understood, a conservative will adjust his life around. If the truth is that people should earn what they receive then it only stands to reason that one should figure out how to earn what they want.

But liberals see the truth as something that should serve society, so if it doesn't add up to what they want then it needs to change. A great example of this is global warming. In the minds of liberals global warming is a big problem. So if the data gathered (scientific truth) doesn't support their view that global warming is a problem then the data must be changed.

In a sad way I understand this thinking, but when everyone discovers the data has been manipulated they also begin to doubt everything related to it. In the eyes of liberals, this is the equivalent of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But in the eyes of conservatives, when data is manipulated it undermines all claims of validity. They are more than willing to toss both bathwater and the baby.

I see the truth as more than simple logic. As a Christian who's studied scripture for many years, truth is not just a logical concept but rather the very essence of God himself. One who earnestly seeks the truth and is willing to subject to its rigor will eventually wind up at God's doorstep. God is truth, and everything will one day bend a knee in recognition of this fact. Whether I or anybody else acknowledges it is irrelevent - the truth stands not only apart from our recognition, but it ultimately demands our concession. And that, in the mind of a liberal, is unthinkable.

March 17, 2012 - A continent could never be named after me because all continent names begin and end with the same letter... bummer.

Funniest damn thing I've ever seen on the internet in a long time... but you need to be familiar with the Lord of the Rings series to get it. The LOTR Catapult.

March 10, 2012 - I have a cold... bad one too. Got it on Monday night, took Tuesday off, went in on half a day on Wednesday and Thursday, and foolishly worked the whole day on Friday. So here it is Saturday and I feel like C.R.A.P. But still had to do the Saturday thing (grocery shopping and laundry) and I'm hanging in there w/out complaining... keeping it together until I get to eat lunch and then crash on the couch. That's my goal right now - eat and crash.

My lips are dry. My throat is raw. My head is a solid blob of hand-packed phlegm. When I sneeze it blows everywhere and on everything. Life is good... /sarcasm.

Drinking lots of warm water, cough drops, blowing thru cartons of tissue, and sneezing like a madman. Life is good... /sarcasm

March 5, 2012 - Why is it that all of the little choices we face each day, the right choice is always the path going UP the mountain. Not down, not even on a level plain... it usually leads up. More effort, more motivation needed, more struggles to grow from.


March 4, 2012 - More from the stream (hopefully upstream) of my thoughts... everything requires management. If it has value then it likely requires you to manage it. The greater the value, then chances are the greater the level of your involvement.

Like this website. It's a nice little site that has a lot of potential; but requires some maintenance. And lacking that maintenance it can become outdated and irrelevant. Not that it has any great relevance, but I think you know what I mean.