April 2012

Ryan Cook strikes out 4 in 1 inning!April 27, 2012 - It's the Friday night usual here, except with the A's game on while going thru a book called Powershell Programming for the Absolute Beginner. (After struggling with a few of the Powershell programming examples, I think the author is an absolute beginner of a writer... terrible!)

A's Game Notes... watching the game even though it was already played back in Baltimore. Tried to find a way to watch without knowing the score but couldn't help noticing the A's won 5-2.

1st inning and saw that Coco Crisp was batting 2nd - sweet, gonna get his bat in the lineup. For those who don't follow my beloved Athletics, they are woefully short of offensive power. Pitching we have and defense is still developing, but we need bats to drive in runs. So Coco's presence is a welcome addition. But he has a weak arm, and that was revealed when the O's LF Reimold took 3rd on a sacrifice fly to Crisp in left field. Now a runner taking 3rd on a fly ball to left field is unusual, so Coco's weak arm was woefully evident. The next batter sends a shallow line drive to left and once again Coco's throwing arm is exploited when the runner on 3rd scores. This was a SHALLOW line drive to left - about the easiest chance an outfielder will get to throw out a runner at the plate. But Coco is in the game for his bat, not fielding and the O's are able to score in the 1st.

However - A's up in the 2nd and Ka'aihue walks, Suzuki doubles him home, and Eric Sogard strokes a homer into the right field bleachers to make the score 3-1. Sweet...

Side Note: I much MUCH prefer the Orioles announcers to the A's - way more enjoyable to hear. The play-by-play guy is not annoying (you'd be suprized how important that is) and the color guy is very informative with anaylsis about small but important details of the game. He explained why straddling 2b is a risk when tagging out a runner trying to steal, as opposed to the collision risk of blocking the bag. He also pointed out A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy was getting first-pitch strikes from a variety of pitches, making it harder for the Orioles batters to know what to expect.

I could listen to these guys regularly...

Sweet, sweet, sweet... In the 4th inning Nick Markakis for the Orioles sends a ground ball to A's 2B Weeks who scrambles to his right to field it, flips it WITH HIS GLOVE to shortstop Cliff Pennington, who relays to first for the out. ESPN highlight... Oh. So. Sweet.

Oreos and breastfeeding.April 21, 2012 - I knew there was a reason I liked Oreos. And for those who don't like censored photos, here's the original......

April 20, 2012 - Back again for another Friday night. A cigar, a cocktail on ice, the Allman Brothers music, and writing on the website. This is getting to be a habit. Tonight's cigar is a Rocky Patel Decade - a very VERY nice smoke. In a perfect world Decades would always be in my humidor, the Allman Brothers would be the background music for everything, and the Puzzle Master would serve my cocktails while wearing a bikini. Dreams are important, right?

Tomorrow night I visit a good friend to deliver a computer. I purchased it thru an insanely good deal I know about on Dell's website. Actually it's a combination of the #DellOutlet Twitter 20% discount applied to the already discounted prices on the Dell Outlet site. I was able to get a Core i5 processor, 8Gb of RAM, 17" screen with 750Gb hard drive for $544, which includes tax, shipping and whatever other fees you can think of... delivered in 4 days. Freaking insane.

So I'll bring it over to him tomorrow night and we'll celebrate with scotch and cigars. I have a plan to setup his old hard drive in an external USB case so he can plug in to the new machine and copy whatever he wants whenever he's ready - it's a nice setup. And scotch and cigars - baby, how can you go wrong?!!"

Happy Friday...

UPDATE: Smoked the Decade down to my fingertips while finishing Allman Brothers "At Filmore East" - it's late but I'll sleep well tonight.

April 13, 2012 - The Essential Benny Goodman Happy Friday the 13th. The way my work weeks have been happening I'll take any Friday, 13th or otherwise.

Yeah, so tonight we were watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and they had a dance scene to music of Benny Goodman's swing classic Sing Sing Sing - oh my... I'd forgotten just how good that was so I loaded up Amazon.com and bought ($1.29) a copy. Man that's good stuff...

And there's a trick to Amazon, at least a one I think is handy. I'll search an artist in the mp3 download section and sort by popularity. This shows all the popular songs, obviously... but then I look at which albums appear the most frequently, and then possibly consider buying that album. Tonight this resulted in a purchase of "The Essential Benny Goodman", a two disc compilation totalling 40 songs... again, good stuff.

Which reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I had a couple of their CDs, some with them performing together, and that was excellent music as well. I'm thinking I can mix Benny, Ella & Louie together into an excellent playlist. Certainly dated music, but this is classic stuff that's just so well written and performed. If you enjoy music, at the very least you gotta pay tribute to these timeless greats.

Oakland AthleticsIn my office again tonight (this is becoming a famous Friday night habit) with cigar and "adult beverage" as my good friend Angelo Danna would say. The cigar tonight is a humble Carlos Torano Exodus 1959. Not a bad smoke - a short box pressed number. But I'm finding it's also a medium grade cigar. I bought a couple of 5-packs and am working thru them, but only to make room for the better brands in my humidor. There's only so much room (thank goodness or I'd spend way more $$ than I should) and I need space for the better Gurkhas and Rocky Patels. A man has to have priorities...

Last, gotta update my A's... they won 4-0 tonight over the Seattle Mariners. Bartolo Colon went 7 innings, 3 hits and 5 Ks with Cespedes making a nice catch in centerfield. 4-4 for now, but loving it... BTW, even though I swore I'd never give MLB any more money for their TV package I fell for it and have to admit it's looking good now. Crystal clear without any lag... so far I'm a satisfied, if not begrudging, customer.

April 5, 2012 - So tonight (Thursday) is my Friday night... we have Good Friday off so I don't need to go in to work tomorrow. The really sweet thing was I didn't realize this until yesterday. Kind of nice to find out in the middle of the week that it's gonna be a 3-day weekend.

And I find myself once again in my home office (the garage) smoking a cigar, cocktail on ice, listening to music and writing on the web. Not bad...

Best of CreamPicked up some Cream (the band, not the dairy product) last week and tonight I've mixed it in a playlist with the Allman Brothers. Cream sounded good, but we'll see how they stack up against AB. Especially since they both do a great rendition of Crossroads. UPDATE: After listening a while I still prefer Allman Brothers but they both are good together... put it on shuffle and enjoy the mix.

A's BaseballBaseball season started and I'm trying to get interested but the weather just isn't warm enough. Funny how that is, but it really is true that until the weather warms up baseball doesn't work. The A's have their opening night tomorrow and I was tempted to do something crazy and go up to the game. But I remember an opening night that Emmy and I went to where it was so cold we abandoned the adventure before the 7th inning. Sorry, but sitting in the upper deck with a cold breeze blowing doesn't make for a "good times" event.

Had a frustrating time at work this week. I'm trying to "refresh" some test servers and it's not happening. I have 2 sets of servers, 5 servers in each set. The primary set are known as PROD - they store engineering data and must be handled with extreme care. The second set are known as TEST and they are a copy of the 5 PROD servers. It's been 3 months since I copied PROD to TEST and I now need to update them to get "refreshed" data. Except after the refresh, the TEST servers aren't working... so I've been spending hours on the phone w/tech supt and after 3 days it's still not right. Dammit - and there are people waiting for TEST to be in place. I will likely have to work during my "holiday" tomorrow... double dammit.

April 2, 2012 - Stuck in traffic on the bus... a bad backup on 237 where it exits at Calaveras Blvd. Which is ironic because we ride the bus to avoid traffic - at least DRIVING in the stuff. Anyway, while sitting here I thought I'd try adding something to the website from my phone. Accessing the file thru Dropbox was easy enough, but now I have to see if I can upload it with an FTP program. I think I have it included with one the file manager programs on my phone... gonna give it a try.

UPDATE: Couldn't get FTP to work with my phone; have to do more research on the web...