August 2012

August 17, 2012 - 3 olive gin martini, Allman Brothers music, and a Gurkha night starting with a Vintage 2001 followed by Titan. The Vintage is easily the better cigar.

So I loaded Windows 8 on both laptops and have been seriously playing (oxymoron) for several weeks. But before I can write anything about it I need to lower the sensitivity of my laptop fingerpad... the cursor is jumping all over the place. The only solution I know is to install Dell's mouse utility, but their driver website is down so I won't be able to do that tonight... dammit. There was a time when I was diligent to keep local copies of all my drivers, but obviously I haven't been faithful to that practice.

Double dammit.

August 10, 2012 - Friday night - gin martini, Padilla Dominus cigar, and Chucho Valdes' "Chucho's Steps" queued up on the music player... Damn. Good. Stuff.

Chucho Valedes is one of the artists I heard on KCSM jazz radio... at the time I was listening for something I might like and eventually purchase. Not sure which cut I heard from this album but I bought it and am amazed at the sound. It's a mix between latin rhythms and a healthy dose of jazz. It includes what may be my all-time favorite song, Zawinul's Mambo. This song starts out with bouncy latin melody that develops piano and sax jazz solos, followed by a percussion set that blows me away. It's all wrapped up in a common jazz refrain that appears throughout the number... just a sweet sweet tune. I love it.

I was so impressed with this song that I shared it with a friend at work who plays drums in a band. I wanted to see if what another "drummer" would think of my love for this piece, and he also was impressed. Cool...