It doesn't take much to make me happy, but then it doesn't take much to annoy me either.


Allman Brothers Filmore EastNovember 16, 2012 - Friday nite celebration... it was a long week, even if it was only 4 days. Still, worked my butt off. Allman Brothers, gin martini, and a 7" cigar without a label - if it isn't worthy of a Friday Nite Special then I'll snuff it out and pick another... no sense wasting Friday on a bad cigar.

UPDATE: The 7" cigar wasn't very good... and I think it was one of the "Cubans" I smuggled back from Mexico. Dammit.

Anyway, switched over to a Padilla Miami Oscuro Limitado with much better results. Now that's a real cigar...

My test server was refreshed today and that is cause for celebration. Refreshing a server means taking a recent backup of a production server and loading it on a test server. I've done this about 4 or 5 times in the past year and every time I've run into problems and needed to call tech support. I had a procedure to follow, published by the software vendor, and added to this my own meticulous notes whenever there was a problem. The result is a 9 page step-by-step instruction manual that STILL wasn't good enough. Every. Single. Time... a new problem would come up requiring a call to tech support. This was frustrating to no end - what should take a half day to do was requiring up to a week. But today I completed it in 2 days... suffice it to say I'll take the hollow victory with the understanding I won't ever have to do this again (we're dumping the database software for another vendor.) Victory none the less... a good reason to celebrate on Friday night!


November 12, 2012 - Have the day off today (gotta burn some saved up vacation otherwise I lose it) and just finished the yoga session of P90X. Actually I did the first 30 minutes of a 90 minute workout... which is sort of being flakey but I determined a LONG time ago that 90 minutes of yoga is way WAY too much. And even after 30 mins I've worked up a good sweat, so I'm not gonna sweat it (pun intended).

The yoga workouts have gotten better as I've built up strength. Honestly that was most of the argument against doing the whole workout - I just wasn't strong enough to hold the poses. I can appreciate it more now that I'm stronger... balance poses were the hardest, especially when you try to twist into various positions without falling - now I can hold the pose longer and begin to focus on stretching instead of worrying about collapsing on the floor.

Yeah, it's all good...


November 10, 2012 - Gurkha Legend Vintage 2001 cigar, classic gin martini with 3 olives, and Allman Brothers music. It's all classic tonight...

I did my best to clean up the website tonight, creating a bunch of archive pages and moving stuff off the main site. I do all of this manually, so it takes some time to make changes and mistakes are bound to happen. No doubt there are programs out there that can simplify the task, but by doing things this way I at least have a basic understanding of what has been done. Plus I learn a little each time I update the website.

It's mid-November and a big project at work is coming to a cressendo finish. The go-live date is 12/3, which means the team will be working over the Thanksgiving weekend to make sure things go right. And it will - good people on this project who make the sacrifices necessary to get the job done.

Injured my elbow and shoulder in the 10th week of P90X... dammit. The lesson learned is don't let your elbows flare out when doing pushups. Keep them close to your sides, and if that means not doing wide-fly push ups then so be it. I was feeling a little pain, but by the 10th week I'd built up some good strength and tried to muscle my way thru it. A little voice in my head said I wasn't doing something right, but pain is something you live with when working out and instead of going away (as usual) it got worse... to the point that I couldn't lift my arm over my head. Sort of had to fling it up to accomplish that, at which point I realized I was going to be on the shelf with an injury for a while. Again - DAMMIT.

The Number One Rule when working out is NOT TO GET INJURED. Once an injury occurs you can't really do anything until it heals. Yes, you can work around it, but I knew better and yet still messed up. Crap.



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