It doesn't take much to make me happy, but then it doesn't take much to annoy me either.


06 OCT 2019 - The homeless problem... and now the question: Are there any things in society that encourage the restraint of behavior? Have we fallen to the point where we encourage any behavior in the name of freedom, even if it means debasing to the point that someone has wasted their lives, and now needs a government program to "save the victim" from their own behavior?

Wow - that was a rambling piece of crap post.

18 AUG 2019 - Just finished a heat wave of several days at over 100 followed by a weekend of very windy weather. Definitely not the norm for this area, and you can bet the usual Chicken Littles ("the world is ending!") will appear, but I'm sure our wonderful California weather will return in no time.

Updated the Music page...

29 MAY 2019 - Garden update... the tomatoes are taking over.

MISCELLANEOUS: It's bad enough that with the advent of supermarkets most people don't know where their food comes from... but now with DoorDash I don't even know where the damn restaurant is located. Not good.

27 MAY 2019 - Weird thing happened yesterday on the street in Seattle. Sunshine and I are walking along, not in the downtown area but still a city storefront setting (along Roosevelt Way if you're familiar w/the area). And this lady is standing outside a store that hasn't opened yet, looking at the business hours sign that was posted outside. And as we're walking by she's asks for the time. I glance at my watch and tell her it's about 5:20p. She then asks, "Is that the same time as what is showing on your phone? I always use my phone to check the time." I happen to have my phone out and it says 5:18p, which I confirm to answer her question. Then Sunshine and I continue walking down the street.

But then I'm thinking afterward, what kind of question is that - does the phone show the same time? As though I'm an idiot that walks around with a wristwatch that doesn't have the right time?

Weird. We laughed it off and finished our walk, but I'm still shaking my head thinking about it the next day...


18 MAY 2019 - Not a lot going on now, just going thru the weekly regimen of Mon-Fri work with intermitant weekend breaks. The news headlines are still dominated by Trump, the weather is a little more cool that I prefer, and I'm holding pretty steady with my exercise routine.

It doesn't take much to satisfy me, but then it doesn't take much to annoy me either... meh.

GardenBuilt a raised garden bed last year but it was too late in the season for planting anything. This year we got busy with it and planted tomates, two kinds of peppers, cucumbers, and beans.

A poor showing for the peppers (I think it's been too cool for them... need a bit more global warming to keep them happy) but everything else looks great.

Also, I kind of just threw seeds in the ground without thinking about how much room the grown plants would need. The tomatoes will be grossly overcrowded when fully mature, and the beans and cucumbers are already fighting for space. It would have been much better to start seeds in small containers first, then transfer the healthiest into the raised bed. But that required more planning than motivation allowed, so we have what we have. It's okay - next year there will be another attempt.

Oh, and the NBA playoffs are happening right now and the Golden State Warriors are putting on an absolutely incredible show. Game 6 of the conference semi-finals was a gem, pitting an underdog Warrior team that recently lost superstar Kevin Durant against the dangerous and talented Houston Rockets. In an unbelievable performance the Dubs ended Houston's season on their home court at a time when everyone on the planet expected the Rockets to force a game 7. Thompson and Curry were the usual stars, but missing Durant meant the bench players had to step up their game and they did so to raving accolades.

The contrast of Warrior elation with Houston's utter shock and dismay was itself amazing. I watched this game, maintaining hope for the Warriors while at the same time refusing to entertain the impossible thought that they might actually win. Going into the final minutes the score was nearly even as each team took turns trading the lead. Then with 30 seconds remaining Klay Thompson drained a three-pointer, putting the Dubs up by six. At that moment, the unthinkable crystalized in everyone's mind that the Warriors had done it. Houston's arena became deathly silent while the game changed to the helpless Rockets trading fouls in a effort to stretch out the clock. Steph Curry rose to the occasion and went a perfect 8 for 8 at the free throw line.

When the clock finally ended the Dubs went crazy with jubilation, while the entire town of Houston sank into the throes of desolation. It was about as epic a game as can be imagined with the good guys coming out on top. Life is good in Dub Nation. Onward to the conference finals and hopefully another championship.

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