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Tips on Smoking Cigars

First of all, for those that don't smoke cigars often or are considering taking up the pleasure, unless they're flavored, cigars taste like tobacco. I've read reviews that talk about tasting everything from pepper, vanilla, or nuts. And my personal favorite - leather. For crying out loud - would you ever in your right mind think of smoking leather? It's just my amateur opinion but these descriptions are bullshit. Cigars taste like tobacco and nothing else. Some are strong tasting and maybe should be smoked lightly to balance the strong taste, while others are lighter tasting. But they all taste like tobacco. So don't fool yourself and imagine tasting otherwise.

  1. CigarNever hold a cigar in your mouth. This can be contradicted by saying if you're going to hold it in your mouth, clench it lightly with your teeth. The whole point is to avoid lasting contact with your lips. There are  enough stories out there about cancer from exposure to things like chewing tobacco, so be smart and don't tempt fate.
  2. A lit cigar is more likely to go out if the ash is not allowed to build up. Ash on a cigar can act like an insulator and the ember will be maintained better with a nice ash buffer. Tap occasionally but not too frequently.
  3. Always keep a stash of mediocre cigars on hand for those days when you're just doing yard work or something similar. There's no point in wasting a fine cigar if you can't sit down and enjoy it. But it's always nice to puff on something while working in the garage or outdoors.
  4. And the following corollary is set aside at least 20 minutes to enjoy a good cigar. Letting it go out and relighting later just isn't the same. Be smart and plan ahead if you can.
  5. Unless you time-travel back to the 1950s when houses were built with dens made for smoking, don't smoke indoors. Not everyone appreciates the aroma of a cigar, so spare your family and partake outdoors. Besides, you get some fresh air that way (pun intended).
  6. Get a humidor, make sure it's not too full nor too empty, and put some Boveda humidity packets in it.
    UPDATE: This is huge... for years I worked with nice varnished wood humidors, glossy finish and looked great. They work well also, however I recently purchased an Igloo cooler to store excess cigars and began to realize it was doing a better job maintaining humidity than the fancy humidors. As proof, I put some Boveda packs in the cooler and they last four to five times longer than the same packs in a humidor. After this little revelation I moved all my best cigars into the cooler and the fancy gloss humidor is used for secondary storage. Plus the cooler is way bigger and cost half the price of a humidor.
  7. Use a calibrated hygrometer. The Boveda packs appear to be pretty trustworthy for establishing the correct humidity, but if you want to confirm things, then a hygrometer will do the trick. Here are instructions to calibrate them.
  8. When you buy cigars, set aside half of them for long term storage in a separate humidor. This is known as aging, a way of making mediocre cigars better and good cigars great. 2-3 years... if you buy steady and practice this regularly, you'll enjoy the benefits all the time.
  9. Speaking of buying cigars, I purchase mine off the web from cigar.com or atlanticcigar.com. I used to buy from another source that was noticeably less expensive. But a few years ago I met a guy who worked for a cigar manufacturer, and his very tactful advice was you get what you pay for. Some sellers will claim long fillers and low prices, but have likely mixed short fillers in to make up the difference. And since switching to my current sources, I've noticed more consistent quality cigars.
  10. And last, I don't think it needs to be said except I'm saying it - don't inhale. Be like Bill Clinton on the campaign trail and don't inhale, not a cigar, or anything for that matter. It's just common sense.



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