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1964 Padron19 MAY 2019 - [PADRON 1964 ANNIVERSARY] i helped out a friend who was having trouble charging her cell phone, and in return she graciously bought me some cigars. I tried a few and put the others in my humidor and over the next few weeks sort of forgot about them. Last night I stumbled upon them and realized one was a Padron 1964 Anniversary Series. Holy mother of cigar chomping fat guys - this cigar was stunningly good!

I know... Padron is noted for turning out great cigars. I've had a few of the 1926 Anniversary's, which are in my opinion simply the best cigar out there. You'll pay a steep price for that goodness, but it's money well spent for those of us pursuing finer things related to gorgeous smoke rings.

Which brings me to the 1964. It was all goodness all the way down. Mellowed flavor without a hint of bitterness, burned evenly with no runs, wonderful draw... exactly what you'd expect from Padron. And even the ash betrayed goodness as it held on forever while displaying those nice tight cylindrical rings that speak to good construction. This was a great cigar, comparable to the 1926. I'd most certainly pay the extra pesos if the opportunity arose.


Oliva Series G17 AUG 2018 - [OLIVA SERIES G] Picked up some Oliva Series G and at first was a bit disappointed, but that's my own fault. I was aiming for Series V Melanios and bought these by mistake (I know... rookie mistake and I should know to pay closer attention - my bad!).

But I have to say I'm impressed with the Series G. The cigars I bought are longer and thinner than I prefer, and I tried looking up my order on cigar.com, but cannot tell for sure which ones I ordered. These are 7" long with a smaller ring gauge than the 60 diameter I prefer. Could be wrong, but I think these are Lonsdales... long and thin.

Anyway, after storing in my humidor for a couple of weeks I tried one, and I'm glad I did. We're talking a smooth tasting, even burning cigar. The ash seems to hold together for a long time, which is nice when putting it down for a bit - doesn't go out so quickly. Great draw with billows of smoke effortlessly accompanying my choice of Johnnie Walker Blue tonight. Burned this puppy down to a 1" nub and not a single sour taste to be had. Nice!

It's the first one I've tried of this order, but I'm excited to try the others. Bought of box of 25 so there will be plenty of opportunities to come.


11 AUG 2018 - Got together with some friends yesterday for an extended lunch at La Bodeguita del Medio on California Ave in Palo Alto. Ordered a few hors d'oeuvres then settled in their back patio to enjoy fine cigars and entertaining discussion. Very nice... James extended his generosity by treating everyone to a shot of Macallan 12 year-old scotch - man, I gotta get me some of that... combined with a Padron 1926 Series, Friday lunch was good!


AVO Synchro04 AUG 2018 - [AVO SYNCRO NICARAGUA SERIES TORO] Found another good one. AVO Syncro Nicaragua Series Toro... very similar to the Perdomo below. Nice pressed cigar, solid composition, neither too strong or weak, with just enough squeeze to remind you of a good woman (ha!). Smooth taste, easy draw, no need to relight, and not a run in sight.

AVO is made by Davidoff, a very well known and trusted name in the cigar world. And apparently this was AVO's first box pressed cigar. Think they have a winner.

Found these while browsing Atlantic Cigar and ran across their Top Cigars of 2015 section. I'm definitely gonna have to build up a little supply of these babies.

UPDATE: I've had two more of these and will pull back my recommendation. They both went out often with frustrating runs, and in the end I gave up with a good 4 inches to go... i'll age these a bit before trying again. Disappointing to say the least.


Perdomo29 JUL 2018 - [PERDOMO 2 LIMITED EDITION 08 EPICURE] My new tobacco mistress is a Perdomo 2 Limited Edition 08 Epicure. I bought a couple of 5 packs of these mostly because I was interested in a free lighter. The lighter is excellent, but the Perdomos were unreal.

First of all, holding it lead to anticipation because they were so freaking fresh. You know how you can lightly squeeze a stick and tell right away this is a fresh, well made cigar? Yeah. Then lighting up and enjoying the balanced taste, nice draw, and burned evenly without running or going out. Just a dream of a cigar.

The only disappointment was when I went back to order more, Atlantic Cigar was out of stock - as was every other place on the internet. Damn... box pressed too!

So I signed up with Atlantic to be notified the next time they're in stock. Gonna spend money I likely shouldn't when they return, but it's not often I find this nice of a stogie for a decent price.

In an unrelated development, I stumbled on a couple of guys smoking cigars at work - outside in the designated smoking area of course. But we got to talking and I told them about my love of cigars and we may put together an extended lunch at a local restaurant that has a cigar bar in back. Nice... looking forward to a few more cigar buddies!

UPDATE: We got together  Ordered a few hors d'oeuvres then retreated to the patio for some fine cigars and entertaining discussion. Had a great time!


Torano Exodus24 SEP 2017 - [TORANO EXODUS GOLD 1959 TORPEDO] A few developments with cigars...

First, I tried one of the Carlos Torano Exodus Gold 1959 Torpedos right after they were delivered, and was mildly disappointed. It burned okay, but was rather quick as though it was too dry or not rolled tight enough. This was not how I remembered Toranos, as it had been a few years since the last time I had one.

A week or so later I ordered and received the Boveda packs and put them in my humidors, in place of a couple of gel cups that were pretty old and neglected. Initially there was no change, humidity level read 65°, and I thought that maybe the battery on the hygrometer needed to be changed or even recalibrated. Another week went by and then I noticed the reading was 70°... the Boveda packs worked - very nice!

So today I pulled out another Torano just to see if my first experience would be repeated. Nope, quite the opposite... it was a very nice cigar, burning quite well, good draw, and a real pleasure to enjoy over the course of at least an hour. I'm guessing they were a little dry when first delivered and the Boveda packs moistened them up to just the right level.

Very happy to enjoy my Carlos Toranos again. Highly recommended, along with the Boveda humidity packs!


Habano210 SEP 2017 - [HC SERIES HABANOS] Wow... I have a few HC Series Habanos that have been aging for several years in one of my humidors. They are very nice cigars, but I mostly attributed that to the extra aging. However last night I smoked one from a box that had just been delivered from cigar.com, and I'm impressed.

This is a box pressed Grande, 6" x 60, with a Habana 2000 wrapper. Here's the description and photo of the HC Series Habano2 from cigar.com:

Handcrafted in Nicaragua, the blend features Sumatran, Nicaraguan, and Honduran fillers that make a smooth, medium to full-bodied blend. A rare Habano 2000 wrapper is then applied over the savory fillers that add a much-needed richness to the blend. Once complete, the blend exudes flavors of rich pepper with notes of leather and cedar.

I don't know about the flavors described (I have yet to smoke pepper, leather, or cedar) but everything else was spot on. This cigar has a wonderful composition, achieving an easy draw of voluminous smoke while maintaining a slow steady burn. No runs and no need to re-light. It tasted good, neither too strong or weak, and feels solid to hold with just enough squeeze to let you know this was a nice fresh cigar.

I can't say enough about the Habano2. After last night, I got up first thing in the morning and ordered another box. Seriously, you could spend a lot more money on a cigar that doesn't match the HC Series Habano2.


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