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Flowers From the Garden

03 OCT 2020 - I finally decided to jump into photography and purchased a decent DSLR camera. And with the virus locking everything down the only place to take pictures is the backyard. There are various flowers to be found, mostly roses and orchids, but the best in my opinion are roses. For whatever reason, I really like pictures of roses - they just look beautiful!

The challenge with these photos is getting the entire flower in focus - it's easy to drop aperture down to the lowest to get a blurred background, but then some of the flower is out of focus as well. F/7 seems to work the best. The next challenge is holding still long enough to eliminate motion blur, and on some of these I used a tripod with timed shutter release. Then there's the wind - even the tiniest breeze will get things moving... was exasperating until I happened to be shooting one without a tripod and noted how well image stabilization was working. Yeah... maybe I don't need to worry about motion too much... ha!

One other thing I'm working on and that's background. In some of my photos the fence would show up - not in a bad way, but recognizable enough that I wanted to try to avoid it. I think the pics below have somewhat accomplished that.







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